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  • Blood Suckers I & II Review: Ever-lasting classics for good reason

    blood suckers netent

    Release Date: 10th November 2013 and 25th February 2017
    Platforms: Computer, Tablet, Mobile
    Supernatural Beings: Vampires

    In the world of online gaming, it can be very difficult for a title to stand out amongst the ocean of existing games and the continuous waves of new releases. So, when a creation manages to stand the test of time and even warrant a sequel, you can tell that it’s a very high-quality game indeed.

    It just so happens that this incredibly popular game franchise features one of our favourite themes, vampirism. Created in the virtual forge at NetEnt, Blood Suckers hit the online slot game scene on a dark day in November 2013, with its ghastly-looking vampire icon raising intrigue among the many horror gaming fans of the world.

    Upon entering the game, you’re met with all of the vampiric and Count Dracula-themed symbols that a horror fan could possibly want, including cloves of garlic, silver-tipped arrows loaded into a crossbow, the holy bible, vampires in their upper-class human forms, and winged lady vampires ready to strike. But a slot game can never stand tall for long solely on the merits of its artwork and imagery.

    Set on a slot of five reels, three rows, and 25 paylines, the game boasts a good-sized jackpot of 50,730 coins. The gameplay features which have enabled Blood Suckers to remain so popular for over half-a-decade are its use of wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus symbols all in one game.

    The Dracula-depicting wild symbols help to land wins with each spin, substituting for all paying symbols. Then there’s the mallet and stake bonus symbol, which rewards a bonus game when three or more land along a payline. Finally, Dracula’s bride plays as your scatter symbol in this game, which not only rewards coin when two or more land anywhere on your slot, but also triggers free spins. These are no ordinary free spins; they boast the might of the powerful and ancient vampire with the ability to reward 900 times your stake – stake as in bet, not what is commonly driven through the heart of a vampire.

    The graphics, high-paying symbols, and many special features in Blood Suckers is enough to keep players involved until they uncover the game’s true potential. Coupled with low volatility, this online classic boasts a massive 98 per cent return to player, one of the highest slot game RTPs in existence. Players soon found that the vampiric creation was one of the most exciting slots to play, earning it a very long-lasting and devout audience.


    blood suckers ii slot netent

    In 2017, NetEnt decided to give its fan base what it had been craving for years: a Blood Suckers sequel. Over a matter of a few years, however, the slot gaming scene had developed greatly, with brand new special features, enhanced artwork, and exciting graphics changing the norm. The trends of gamers had also changed, with each seeking creations with massive jackpots in which to sink their virtual coins. So, NetEnt needed to create a game that both appealed to the original Blood Suckers audience as well as make it modern enough that new players would want to give it a go.

    On the 25th of February, the world of horror fans rejoiced as NetEnt unleashed a new vampiric power onto the world with Blood Suckers II. The game shot up to the top of the hot and trending charts on all platforms, but not just because of its title.

    Blood Suckers II delivered the updated, modern slot gaming experience that the franchise needed to once again stand tall in the ocean of online games. It commences with an epic opening sequence to get you in the mood for all of the dark vampiric action ahead before you swoop into the game itself by opening the castle gates. Therein, you find a slot game that’s stayed true to its original, taking place on three reels, five rows, and 25 paylines.

    The graphics have improved greatly, from the new addition of the animated, crossbow-wielding vampiress Amilia to all of the icons of the vampires in their human form, the vampire in its true form, and the gem symbols. Infusing a modern update on the classic title, Blood Suckers II has random features, both involving Amilia and her crossbow adding special symbols to the reels.

    In Blood Suckers II, players are also treated to a wild symbol, which substitutes for all paying symbols, as well as a scatter symbol and bonus symbol. Two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels reward wins, with three or more giving you ten Blood Rose Free Spins, where more free spins can be triggered, and a three-times multiplier is in play. Three or more bonus symbols brings you to the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game and the purpose for Amilia coming to the castle. Here, you can discover the riches of the ancient vampires, which includes scatter symbols, coin wins, and the chance to advance to the next level if you find the keys. But, steer clear of the Demon as it’ll end the bonus game immediately.

    Boasting a gigantic and modern jackpot of 250,000 coins, Blood Suckers II had to make a trade-off by reducing its RTP slightly to 96.94 per cent and changing its variance from low to medium/high.

    Blood Suckers has become a slot gaming classic and one that horror fans still enjoy to this day. Despite having to change some of its core elements, Blood Suckers II did a grand job of continuing the franchise with its modernised gameplay. Both stand as some of NetEnt’s finest creations to date.