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  • Affected: The Manor Review: Do you dare walk through this haunted house?

    affected the manor game

    Release Date: 27th November 2018
    Platforms: PlayStation VR
    Supernatural Beings: Poltergeists

    One of the problems of older horror console games is that they would often struggle to immerse you in the game enough for the scares to really land. But, in the world of virtual reality and virtual reality headsets, players can’t escape the horror which awaits them. There are many horror games built to deliver scares via a VR headset, and Affected: The Manor is one of the more recent titles in the genre to make it onto the PlayStation Store.

    Rather than being a first-person survival game in which you can collect items and fight off the terrors of the area, Affected: The Manor is a walk-through horror experience, designed to terrify its players. With the VR headset on, you become further immersed thanks to how the game’s controls work. You can play with standard analogue controls, but for a true horror experience, opt to use the triggers to walk and choose your direction by turning your head.

    As you make your way along the path and towards the manor, you immediately sense that something out of the ordinary inhabits the house. You set about exploring the manor, tip-toeing around the dim-lit rooms, creepy dolls, and mysterious silhouettes in whichever direction you choose. Each new room will fill you with suspense and anticipation, delivering many jump scares to keep you cautious and send your heart rate through the roof.

    Affected: The Manor is a fully immersive horror game that never yields in its intensity. Supernatural occurrences and wicked poltergeists will keep you on your toes while exploring the scare-invoking manor, with the many different paths that you can take making you want to play through the game multiple times.

    Good news for fans of the horror walk-through genre, Affected: The Manor is said to be the first chapter of a trilogy of games from Fallen Planet Studios.