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  • Omen of Sorrow Review: Battle legendary icons of horror in this fighter

    Release Date: 6th November 2018
    Platforms: PlayStation 4
    Supernatural Beings: Vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, and more

    In late 2018, Omen of Sorrow was released exclusively to the PlayStation 4 in a relatively crowded fighting game space. Continuing series from Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Soulcalibur tend to dominate, with Nintendo weighing in with the immensely popular Super Mario Smash Bros Ultimate to create a diverse fighting scene. Despite all of these legendary gaming titles, Omen of Sorrow manages to stand out with its innovative cast of characters and unique gameplay mechanics.

    Omen of Sorrow has managed to create a legendary roster for players to enjoy by tapping into mythology, classic literature, folklore, and monster stories. Among the initial nine-fighter roster, Vladislav III stands out as Vlad the Impaler or Count Dracula, boasting many vampiric-themed abilities. Alongside Vladislav III, there is also a favourite among horror fans, a werewolf, here played by the clever Caleb, as well as the vengeful gargoyle Radegonda. Joining this cast of classic monsters is Quasimodo, betrayed ancient Egyptian god Imhotep, protector Zafkiel, Victor Frankenstein’s spawn Adam, monster hunter Gabriel, and Dr Hyde.

    Entering the game, players can select from Battle, Practice, or Online play, with the Battle menu offering a Story, Versus, Arcade, and Survival mode. Through playing the game and completing its many challenges at different difficulties, players can unlock over 200 in-game rewards. There’s plenty of content in the game to keep fans battling away, and better still, there’s more to come in the form of free updates, which includes new characters like the vampirism-obsessed Countess Erzsebet and her menacing dragon.

    Developed by AOne Games of Chile, Omen of Sorrow boasts some rather unique gameplay mechanics which helps it to offer a different and engaging experience for fans of fighting games. It uses a power bar system of Fortune and Fate, dictated by how aggressively you fight. Aggressive fighters gain Fortune, which will lead to you unlocking the almighty Blessed State in the battle. Defensive fighters gain Fate, leading to you moving into the Doomed State which removes attacks from your repertoire until the character recovers enough Fortune. This system leads to very interesting match-ups that feature a lot of timing and risk management, making the fighting experience different from other top titles of the genre.

    With a good-sized roster of legendary characters, creative fight mechanics, and plenty of game modes, Omen of Sorrow stands as a decent fighting game. It has a few flaws and is quite shallow compared to the triple-A games, but as they continue to update the game, the experience will become smoother and even more enjoyable.