Vampire Games

Vampires have long been a favourite of horror game fans, with their immortality, mystical powers, and superiority complex making them great villains to defeat or powerful characters to control. We appreciate all forms of vampires, from the legendary beings which can transform into powerful creatures to the modern versions of these bloodsuckers who are more cunning in their attempts to rule humanity.

Zombie Games

Over the last decade, zombie games have exploded into the mainstream to the point where some see the genre as being oversaturated – but not us! We love all forms of zombie games, from the standard horde slaying survival games to the more innovative creations which cross zombies into a new genre and feature unique gameplay mechanics to help you evade or slay the flesh-munchers.

Mummy Games

Despite how popular the ancient Egyptian theme and Egyptian mythology is, there aren’t as many games which feature mummies as one would hope. But, when they do come around, we love trying to sneak past or cut down the bandage-wrapped undead.

Poltergeist Games

We love a good scary film as much as the next person, but they appear to be wearing a bit thin in modern cinema. Luckily, poltergeist games continue to deliver experiences which fully immerse you in the setting, making the scares much more terrifying.

Misc Horror Games

Of course, vampires, zombies, mummies, and poltergeists don’t cover all of the dark, horror beings in gaming, and as we love everything in this genre, we’ll find games that we love that feature the likes of werewolves, gargoyles, demons, and other creatures of the night to add in here as well.