What to do When your Work is Stolen or Ripped Off Online


Mar 12, 2014 Artist Resources, Reputation Management , 0 Comments

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but no one likes being outright robbed. Identifying the difference between inspired artwork and internet plagiarism of your own work can be difficult in the digital age. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from people stealing your work online.

How to Never Miss Out on a Twitter Contest or Sale Announcement


Aug 3, 2013 Social Media , , 0 Comments

Holding a Twitter-only contest or featuring sales of short or limited-run items is a common way for businesses to increase followers and encourage engagement. But if you're one of those unlucky fans who can't rabidly check a particular Twitter feed every 5 minutes (i.e. due to being stuck at the day job), you likely miss out on more than one opportunity to win or buy something amazing via Twitter. It's easy to set yourself up for notifications of contests or sales on Twitter. Here's how!

14 Steps To A Better WordPress Install


Jul 5, 2013 Blog Optimization, WordPress , , 0 Comments

The standard WordPress install done by automated services is something that should be avoided. The default settings in a default install leave a WordPress site more susceptible to security breaches which is why you should spend a little extra time when installing your WordPress sites in order to “harden” them from hackers as much as possible. The following 14 options deal with the wp-config.php and .htaccess file, and with just a few modifications and additions to just these files, you will have increased the security of your WordPress site to a much higher degree.

How to Properly Run Contests on Facebook & Avoid Jail Time


Jul 29, 2012 Social Media , , 0 Comments

Recently, some of our clients either ran or have wanted to run contests on Facebook to boost the number of Likes, increase fans and such. They either ran a contest that potentially or in fact violated Facebook's terms of use or were wondering how to do it right, to avoid violations. Facebook has extremely strict rules about what kinds of contests are allowed, and violations can result in your Page, or the pages of your fans, being deleted. Pretty draconian! On the surface, it seems like you CAN'T run contests on Facebook. However, this isn't the case. You CAN run contests involving Facebook. It's just a matter of how you set it up and where you post about it.

Security Tip: Clean Up Your Social Media App Permissions


Feb 8, 2012 Social Media , 0 Comments

Clean up your social media profile permissions today fast and easy with MyPermissions. Take control of your personal online security now! The Interwebz is a busy place and you've been caught up in the hubbub, signing up for one social media account after another over the years. And then you got your first smart phone and took all of those accounts on the go! By using apps to access, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the umpteen other accounts you use professionally or simply for fun on a daily basis, you've become quite enmeshed in the online world.

FREE Twitter Tools for Tracking Profiles, Followers & Unfollowers


Sep 21, 2011 Social Media , 2 Comments

If you’re a Twitter power user, chances are good you know how to work your stream to bring the most valuable information to your followers. However, you may have found yourself frustrated with Twitter friend and follower management or other challenges that come with managing a successful Twitter profile. These 10 free tools help make tracking Twitter unfollowers and followers a little easier!

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