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Grumpy Cat Hates WordPress 3.6WordPress 3.6: “Oscar” Upgrade Issues & Troubleshooting

9/11/2013: WordPress 3.6.1 Maintenance and Security Release has shipped, please follow the backup recommendations below, before updating to this new version of 3.6

On August 1, 2013, WordPress Version 3.6, named for Oscar Peterson, was released to the public.

This new version has proven to be troublesome, and is known to be breaking plugins and themes, and other sundry issues and wrinkles which are quite frustrating not only to the everyman trying to update a site, but for seasoned developers and designers as well.  (Should you need help from a pro, we can assist you with updating your WP versions, plugins, etc, check out our FAQ for more information.)

Here are resources and instructions to help you update and work with “Oscar”, and its pesky peccadillos!


General Information

WordPress 3.6: What’s New, and Why It Matters: 3.6 of WordPress is out and ready for you to make the most of. The scope of changes in this release are relatively minor, but the updates are important and will help in your day-to-day work with WordPress. Here’s what’s new and why it matters to you.

WordPress 3.6 “Oscar” Announcement: Video + text showing off the latest WordPress version release, with notes on the core upgraded items and special features for both users and developers.

WordPress 3.6 Codex Information: More information on Oscar’s enhancements and bug-fixes

Backing Up Your WordPress Site & Database

It’s a very smart practice to do a full backup of your WordPress site and database before updating themes, plugins, WordPress versions, or anything else that has the potential to break your site if things go haywire.

WordPress Site & Database Backups: Via the Codex, general instructions on how to back that thang up.

6 Top WordPress Backup Plugin Recommendations (2013):  A manual backup of any WordPress database via SQL or FTP is advised, but if you are not really sure about manual backups or are inexperienced with the ‘geeky stuff ‘– here are 6 Top WP backup plugin suggestions. Obviously, there are many more available and a whole host of cloud backup services, but this is a post of backup plugins that are tried, tested and come highly recommended by folks actually using these plugins.  Includes pros and cons of each plugin.

And if you blow it:

Beginner’s Guide: How to Restore WordPress from Backup: This extensive guide will show you you step by step how to restore WordPress from a backup. You will need to restore WordPress in case a disaster strikes your website such as a borked WP version or theme update, getting hacked or infected by malware, loss of data, cancellation of services by web host, etc. Massive resources in this guide, so bookmark it!

Tweaking & Troubleshooting

The Troubleshooting 3.6 Master List: This thread over at Support contains the known issues with plugins and themes found in 3.6. Please visit here before and/or after you update and experience any issues with the upgrade.

3.6 Issues, Drama and Flaws: A couple more resources on various specific errors generated by updating. Support: How Tos & Troubleshooting: A variety of posts and resources to help you troubleshoot and get the most out of WordPress 3.6 and any other non-3.6 issues you might have.

Once You’re Finished…

Hopefully, these resources help you successfully upgrade to WordPress 3.6, with as little heartache and drama as possible.

And once you’ve taken care of business, here a few more WordPress security and optimization goodies to play with!

90+ Essential WordPress Installation, Optimization & Security Resources

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